AAA is the best company ever

I have once before raved about the wonderous company that is AAA.  It was a small part of a larger post, and as I recently had the ill-fortune to require AAA’s services again, I wanted to give them their own post.  A few weeks ago I drove to my local UPS center to pick up a package.  I got the package, got back in my car, and discovered that the key would not go into the ignition.  I also noticed the steering wheel lock had failed to activate.  After trying to jam the key in for a few minutes, I sheepishly asked various people in the parking lot if they a) knew anything about cars and if so b) what the hell is going on?  Alas nobody had any idea what was up with my car.  So, I called AAA.

I didn’t have my card, so I had to call 411 to get the AAA number.  It routed me to the NJ office (I have an NJ area code cell phone but live in New England).

Here is where the awesome starts:

1.  I am almost immediately connected to a friendly English speaking person.

2. I explain that I’m not actually in NJ and I need to be transfered to the New England office.  The nice lady asks me to hold, comes back a minute later informing me she’ll be connecting me with the New England branch.  She STAYS ON THE LINE until she’s confirmed I’m talking to the right person, none of this hangup and transfer shit everyone else does.

3. I explain to the NE person that I don’t have my card.  NOT A PROBLEM.  She is able to lookup my account using various information I provide.

4.  After hearing a description of my problem, she informs me that she’s not certain the technician will be able to help me, and that my car may need to be towed.  I tell her that my car is a Volvo, and she finds me the nearest Volvo repair center and makes a note for the driver that he should tow me there if necessary.  AWESOME! She tells me the truck will be dispatched soon, I get a case number, and we hang up.

5.  I get 2 followup calls, one from her that the truck has been dispatched, and another from the garage letting me know the truck is almost there.  AWESOME!

6. The truck arrives, and the dude fixes my ignition problem in about 30 seconds, then teaches me how to fix it myself should this ever happen again (it requires a small flathead screwdriver).

7.  I drive home!

AAA is the standard to which all other companies should be held.  Everyone who I have ever interacted with (phone, email, in person) at AAA has been smart, well spoken, helpful, and excelled at their job.   You guys rock….I (almost) look forward to having car problems.

And I get discounts on hotels?  AAA, you are too good.  If every company were a fourth as good as AAA this would be a better world.


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