As someone who works in the IT field, I spend a lot of my time looking at documentation.  By documentation I mean a wide range of products: user manuals, online KB (knowledge base), FAQ’s, and forums.

At work we use a product called Symantec Ghost.  What this does is (more or less) take a picture of a computer, and then copy that picture onto another computer.  It’s a way to backup EVERYTHING on a computer so that if it crashes it can be restored quickly.  When making the image (what the picture is called) I have the option to compress it (to save space).  While usually I don’t (it slows down the process) I started doing it recently (to save space).  Well, today I went to push the image onto a machine and received a scary looking error.  After doing some research I landed on a symantec documentation page.   While I’ll put a link at the end, here is what it said, in short:

“If you are using compression to make your images, don’t.”

What?  How did anyone at Symantec think that was OK?  That isn’t a solution.  It’s as if you discovered one day that you couldn’t change the volume on your TV, and when you looked in the manual it said “If you’re trying to change the volume, stop.”

Symantec are bad people

Later that week, I was installing something in XP and received an error message that read, and I couldn’t even make this up:

“A system call, that should never fail, has failed.”

Who writes this poop?


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