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Charter Internet and TV suck

June 11, 2009

I’m not really sure what prompted me to write this today of all days….Charter hasn’t done anything horribly offensive in the last few weeks.  Maybe its that I just found out that FiOS is “never” coming to Worcester, and so I realize I’m stuck with Charter for as long as I live here.  I’m sure that any of you who have Charter will recognize my experience, but for the uninitiated I’ll explain how this went.

I’ve been a subscriber to charter Internet for 3 years now.  Last October I decided to add TV.  I was given a price quote (a number less then $100/mo).  This was to include the basic channel list, internet, one HD receiver, and 3 non-HD receivers. (at $10/mo per box pas the first). 

I’ll note at this point that when I tried to get pricing information using their chat based service it was so shitty that neither I nor my roommates could even understand what they were writing.  On the phone I got a more understandable person who gave me the above quote.

Installation day arrives and the first thing out of the guys mouth is “I dont have the ‘real’ HD receiver, I have one that doesn’t have HDMI out….if you want the HDMI out (I do, thats why I got HD), you can go to the branch to pick it up.”

….or you could bring it here another day, because, ya know, when I ORDER things, and pay $110 in installation fees I expect CHARTER to bring the things TO MY HOUSE and set them up.

Setup goes sorta OK, some wires have to be changed and the guy does a fine job of that (its his first day on the job and Charter doesn’t send anyone to help him out). 

All is well, and then comes my bill.  It’s like a bajillion dollars (around $190).  I call charter…..wait 20 mins….and find out that charter signed me up not for the super cheap TV thing I asked for but some mega huge giant OMFG look at all the tv shows option.  I told them I wasn’t going to pay for it, and to give me what I wanted.  I also noted on my bill that each reciever (including the initial one) was being billed at a higher rate then I was originally promised.  So, instead of (0+10+10+10=30) I’m paying (5+15+15+15=50), almost double what it was supposed to be paying.

We finally strike a deal at 115 a month.  Of course, the bill has never been 115.  Sometimes its 115, sometimes its 119, or 116, or even 120. 

Screw. You. Charter.

The people who work the phones are stupid and useless, and the internet goes down every time it snows or rains.  Sure its fast when its fast, but it disconnects often enough that playing online games is a joke. 

Don’t even get me started on their website.  Huge.  Pile. Of. Poo.

I will sell my soul if Verizon will install fiber in Worcester.