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Of Palin, the GOP, sowing succession and reaping rapture

September 9, 2008

My qualms with Gov Palin are quite simple and fundamental: I disagree with almost all of her positions.  The purpose of this article is not, however, an attack on Palin.  Rather it is an observation and a question as to the nations reaction to our politicians, liberal and conservative.

Obama has had one heck of a time proving that he is “American” enough to be president.  Lest you’ve all forgotten, here are some of the criticisms leveled at him.

1) His pastor is a racist, so so is he

2) He’s a muslim (therefore a terrorist?).  Or at least he was a muslim?

3) His name is kind of (but not really) like Osama.

4) His middle name is the same as that bad guy! OMG!

For these things, and more, Obama has been covered in a shit storm of protest from a large chunk of the American people. The conservative right has bred hatred and fear of Obama because of petty reasons.  It’s not new, they always do this.  They tore down Kerry as a “fake war hero” calling him a fraud.

And this brings us to their unlikely choice of Palin.  In review, here are the negative things that have cropped up.

1) She was part of the Alaskan Independence Party (a collection of people who, in short, probably seek succession)(the AIP currently asserts she was never a member)

2) A speaker at her most recent church (not the Pentecostal one she was part of…they speak in tounges!) said that terrorist attacks on Jews in Israel is Gods Judgment.  My readings also seem to turn up some level of fascination with the rapture (at least among Pentecostals).

3) Her kids knocked up!

So….and this is important…..I Dont Care.

That’s right, I don’t care.  I Don’t care of Obama is or was ever a muslim, if Palin is or was ever a pentecostal, if speakers at Obama or Palins church are racist, what strange language either of them mumble in, or if her kid is pregnant.  Doesn’t bother me in the least.

However.  To the GOP, you reap what you sow.

You planted the seeds of an angry campaign, attacking Obama on false or greatly exaggerated claims about his family and his past.  You started this.  And now this is what you deserve to reap.

But (and this is the part that tickles me), you’re not going to reap it.  Why? Because we, the left, aren’t like you.  Sure, a fair number of us on the left ARE going to rant about how Palin is unqualified to be the VP because of the things I mentioned above.  But most of us (like me) aren’t, because we don’t care.  You Tube isn’t going to be overrun with ill-spoken liberals talking about how “Palin isn’t ‘Merican ‘nough ta lead MY country.”  or ” ‘Palins a terrorist because she wants succession.”  Rather, you’ll get a few of those, and just as many liberals as conservatives will tell those people to shut up.

Which brings me to my final point: Take responsibility for the actions and words of those you claim to be in the same party as.

I grow tired of finding moderate republicans who mumble things at me like “well of course I don’t agree with all the racists and bad people in my party.” Then do something about it.  If the intelligent, moderate, non-crazy members of the GOP (of which there are many) really disagree with the hateful tactics of their fellow party members, stand up and say so. Tell them that their tactics aren’t welcome — their hate, not needed.


Of Hillary Supporters and Making Beds

September 8, 2008

The issue of Hillary Supporters For McCain has been somewhat troubling to me as of late. Most of my trouble stems from an inability to lock down the amount of truth in the matter. Sure, the internet is full of self-professed “life long democrats who are voting for McCain who were Hillary Supporters;” but every election has these people, and I’ve always assumed most of them are frauds. That being said, I keep hearing these polls about 50% and 20% that, and those seem like big numbers. My large hold up on the matter is that I haven’t actually found a real live living breathing person who would stand in front of me and say “I liked Hilary, but now I’m going to vote for McCain.”

Regardless, I’m going to assume that there are some of you out there. And for you, I’ve the following questions.

Hillary is for ending the war quickly and bringing our troops home. She is pro choice. She had lofty goals for universal health care. She believes in equal pay for men and woman. She had a sensible energy policy that involved more then a far away short term solution (I refer of course to off-shore drilling).

If you endorsed Hillary, I am assuming that some (or all) of those positions match your own. I am assuming you did not support her merely because of her double X chromosome.

McCain (and Pallin) believe the war could go a hundred years. They are anti-abortion. McCain voted against measure to guarantee equal pay. Drill, Baby, Drill?

I get it, you’re pissed off. You think Hillary got the short end of the stick — that Hillary, the life long political insider and wife to one of the most powerful political men ever lost because the party elite was in the sack with a freshman senator. You want to show the Party that you wont take it, and you’re going to vote for McCain.

You respect Hillary so much you’re willing to sacrifice everything for her. You’re willing to vote for someone you may not even like, just to show her how much you care. The only thing you aren’t willing to do, is vote for the candidate SHE is currently endorsing (Obama).

We know this isn’t about her (if it was you’d respect her and vote for McCain), its about you, and some damned point you have to prove. My question is, is it worth it? My second question is, what will you tell your kids?

What will you tell your daughters when safe legal abortions are no longer available? How will you explain why they don’t earn equal wages to men? What will you tell your sons when they have to go fight in the hundred (or thousand) year Iraq war? To all your children when energy costs are hurtling upwards because we pissed away another 8 years not researching alternative energy? And what, will you tell the, when they ask you why you voted for the man (McCain) who did these things?

When you vote McCain, Obama doesn’t lose, we do.